12th Topos Conference Preliminary Seminar Announcement

Radical Educator from Global Diversity Pace-Setter Iceland
Margret Pala Olafsdottir Commemorative Japan Seminar
Designing a Diverse Society through the Hjalli Educational Method

We invited Margret Pala Olafsdottir from Iceland to hold a seminar on the theme of education and society in the post-diversity era.

Taking aim at gender disparity and aiming for greater diversity, Margret Pala Olafsdottir created a unique and radical method of education 27 years ago. In this method, girls are taught assertiveness and logical thinking, and boys are taught to be compassionate and loving towards their families.

This is the Hjalli Method. In order to put this method into practice, Margret created a school system, Hjallastefnan, which has grown in acceptance and popularity, but there were also many criticisms and difficulties in the process.

In this seminar, we will consider what we need to realize a “post-diversity” society, and discuss strategies for the work still to be done.

Spaces are limited, so please apply in advance.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the seminar.

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