Announcement of the 11th Topos Conference Preliminary Seminar

Dr. Richard Straub, Founder and President, Peter Drucker Society Europe
Commemorative Japan Seminar

Can Japan Become an Entrepreneurial Society According to Peter Drucker?
A Playbook for Innovation for a Country

On this occasion, the TOPOS Conference organizers invited Dr. Richard Straub, Founder and President of the Peter Drucker Society Europe, to conduct a seminar on the theme of the productivity of the knowledge worker, which was emphasized in Drucker’s Post-Capitalist Society (DIAMOND, Inc.).

Dr. Straub founded the Drucker Society, inspired by Drucker’s idea of a society of entrepreneurs which is sustained by the existence of an innovation-focused entrepreneurial spirit.

In Japan, it is rare for Drucker’s ideas to be evaluated from the viewpoint of innovation, but at this seminar, together with Dr. Straub, one can consider what is necessary to realize a truly entrepreneurial society in Japan.

Seats are limited, so please apply quickly.
We are looking forward to discussing these issues with you.

11th TOPOS Conference: Preliminary Seminar Leaflet:
#11 TOPOS Conference Preliminary Event Leaflet 

Apply from the link below:(Via Fujitsu Research Institute website)