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Upon it i see an image of two warriors standing before a great monolith a dagger held behind one of their backs. How to find the vy keen dagger which can be used to complete one of the missions.

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All ships landing will have them.

Vy keen dagger nms. 1 summary 2 appearance 2 1 mouth variations pre next 3 culture 3 1 language 3 2 titles 4 lore 4 1 monoliths 4 2 plaques 4 3 ruins 4 4 relationship with the sentinels 4 5 cult of nal 4 6 rogue data sentinel terminal 5 reputation 6 notable individuals 7 trivia 8 gallery a vy keen on guard. It can be found in damaged containers or as monolith rewards. Plug hole with silicate 100 heridium you ll get a decrease in vy keen standing.

Is there an easier way to get one. A vy keen dagger is a type of trade commodity in no man s sky. Vy keen info sheet jrdimpfl the vy keen are one of the sentient species in the no man s sky universe.

I ve been going to drop pod to drop pod looking for a vy keen dagger in one of those green damaged boxes but am having no luck finding one. Always sold them or use them to talk to vy keen so i have another dialogue option. Say sixteen the warrior is disturbed by my answer.

The vy keen dagger can be used when interacting with monoliths in vy keen systems and can also be given to random vy keen to improve the traveler s standings with the vy keen in general. A vital part of vy keen tradition and culture. It can be found randomly in cargo drop boxes.

Plug hole with oxide 100 iron you ll learn an atlas word get increased vy keen standing and vy keen dagger. To get trading post speak to people in space station and ask for get directions until they give trading post. Man i have played 40 hours randomly opening green crates and always getting a vy keen dagger.

There are sixteen such images upon the scroll. Vy keen daggers can be bought and sold at a galactic trade terminal or npc traders for units. It can also be bought from npcs in trading.

Found it thanks for the help everyone. Threaten to report vy keen accomplice or above this one will increase your vy keen reputation. Offer units 1000 units 2.

Give isotope 100 carbon you ll get a blueprint and decreased vy keen reputation. This is an artifact item in vy keen system. Nms 1 37 vy keen dialogues.

Vy keen dagger is a curiosity. This thread is archived. 1 summary 2 game description 3 sources 4 additional information 5 see also 6 release history 7 gallery vy keen dagger is a curiosity of vy keen origin and one of the trade commodities.

A red jagged and recent bite mark is wrapped around the entirety of the warrior s neck. Take molten substance 1 vy keen dagger 12. Can be really handy to find as.

But when the quest to have them popped not a single green chest gave a dagger i opened 40 of them searched for hours hahahah. Sure fire way is to go to a vy keen system and find a trading post not space station.

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