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Following this discovery uy scuti was officially named the largest known star in the galaxy surpassing previous record holders such as betelgeuse vy canis majoris and nml cygni. Betelgeuse alpha orionis.

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Vy canis majoris mu cephei.

Vy canis majoris betelgeuse uy scuti. Both uy scuti and vy canis majoris are red hypergiant stars in our galaxy the milky way galaxy. Posted on 2020 03 30 2020 05 28. 2012 estimate uy scuti.

Following the survey uy scuti was named the largest known star leaving behind vy canis majoris nml cygni and betelgeuse which had all previously carried the title. Betelgeuse nml cygni vv cephei a vy canis majoris wittkowski et al. Uy scuti is a red supergiant star located in the direction of scutum constellation.

Vy canis majoris is a red hypergiant in the constellation canis major. Uy sct is a dust enshrouded bright red supergiant 13 and is classified as a semiregular variable with an approximate pulsation period of 740 days. The other two stars were ah scorpii and kw sagittarii also red supergiants with a luminosity over 100 000 times that of the sun and among the biggest stars known.

163 000 light years away from earth and one of the largest known stars with a radius of 1 540 to 1 730 solar. June 22 2020 january 6 2019 by anthony robinson there are thought to be between 100 billion and 400 billion stars in our galaxy the milky way and waaaay more beyond that so which is the largest star in the universe according to current calculations in 2019. P these revolve around one star our sun the earth has a circumference of just over uy scuti and vy canis majoris.

Uy scuti vs vy canis majoris which is the largest star in the universe. With an estimated radius of 1 708 solar radii it is currently the largest star known.

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