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Dorsal view of ring finger amputation. Full thickness skin grafting from hypothenar region.

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However rather than suturing the flap distally 2 22 gauge hypodermic needles were used to tack the flap down to prevent flap necrosis and hook nail deformity.

Vy flap fingertip. Vy flap is a reliable treatment for fingertip amputation injuries. A single volar tranquilli leali atasoy or a bilateral v y flap geissendörfer kutler is used for restoration of the fingertip. We propose a modification of inset technique with k wire to simplify.

1 the separation of epidermal and dermal connections of the flap resulting in an island of skin and 2 the preservation of a subcutaneous pedicle consisting of subcutaneous fat muscle and occasionally superficial musculoaponeurotic system which provides the flap. Insetting the flap to replicate fingertip contour can be challenging with the conventional method of using sutures. The flap took completely and the patient recovered full active and passive range of motion of the.

Transverse amputation of left ring finger with bone exposure. At first glance the performance of pedicle flaps may seem daunting but a simple v y plasty pedicle flap easily can be advanced to cover the defect left by fingertip injury. V y advancement flap drawn out on volar surface of ring finger.

Volar view of v y advancement flap already inset into ring finger defect. Preexisting lesions of the fingertip. The incision is v shaped and will be converted to a y as the flap is advanced.

The video demonstrates a venkatswamy vy neurovascular island flap for fingertip reconstruction. Finger amputation with exposed bone and the ability to rongeur bone proximally without compromising bony support to nail bed. Previously this flap was also commonly referred to as the island pedicle flap due to its two main requirements.

Infection of the finger. 4 6 10 the v y. Pedicle flap 2 classification of fingertip injuries many fingertip amputations can be classi fied consistent with the normal functional anatomy of the tip and perionychium 3.

Indications fingertip amputation with no exposed bone and 2cm of tissue loss. We are presenting a case in which a vy advancement flap was used for soft tissue coverage of a traumatic partial fingertip amputation. The boxy appearance seen intra operatively will soften smooth out and re contour with time and gentle massage.

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