Vy Advancement Flap Finger

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Previously this flap was also commonly referred to as the island pedicle flap due to its two main requirements. Straight or dorsal oblique finger tip lacerations.

V Y Advancement Flap For Transverse And Or Dorsal Oblique Tip Amputations With Exposed Bone And An Intact Nail Bed Hand Therapy Occupational Therapy Medical

They are reliable and simple to raise without need for microvascular dissection.

Vy advancement flap finger. V y advancement flap. Volar view of v y advancement flap already inset into ring finger defect. Atasoy or tranquilli leali or v y flap for the fingertip reconstruction.

The vy advancement thenar and cross finger flaps are all reliable and easy to raise. In addition they usually provide good results in terms of sensibility and range of motion. Straight or dorsal oblique finger tip lacerations.

Lateral view of v y advancement flap inset into defect of ring finger. The vy advancement thenar flaps and cross finger flaps are workhorse flaps used in reconstruction of fingertip defects. All 3 flaps gave consistently good results in terms of sensitivity.

Comparing thenar and cross finger flaps the thenar flap gives better return of sensibility because of the higher density of nerve endings in the palmar skin whereas the cross finger flap is usually harvested from the dorsum of a digit. 4 6 10 the v y. The boxy appearance seen intra operatively will soften smooth out and re contour with time and gentle massage.

V y advancement flap drawn out on volar surface of ring finger. At first glance the performance of pedicle flaps may seem daunting but a simple v y plasty pedicle flap easily can be advanced to cover the defect left by fingertip injury. 1 the separation of epidermal and dermal connections of the flap resulting in an island of skin and 2 the preservation of a subcutaneous pedicle consisting of subcutaneous fat muscle and occasionally superficial musculoaponeurotic system which provides the flap.

Vy advance flap for finger tip defect. Hand trauma easy surgery.

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