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Verse fingertip amputations the atasoy v y advancement flap is a popular choice. April 29 2020 0 comments.

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The atasoy flap is an especially useful flap well known to hand surgeons 6 and is made even more useful by the technical modifications to be described here.

Atasoy vy flap. 4 6 10 the v y. Tezel e numanoğlu a. Lateral v y geissendörfer kutler tissue skin course of the vessels in the subcutaneous tissue of the pulp dimensions 1 1 5 cm extensions and combinations anatomy neurovascular pedicle no defined pedicle artery veins length and arc.

By rothman hand surgery featuring asif ilyas. J bone joint surg am 1970 52 921 6. A new surgical proce dure.

11601591 pubmed indexed for medline. The v y advancement flap was originally described by tranquilli leali in 1935 1 but was first reported in the united states by atasoy et al 2 in 1970. 5 until now the volar v y advancement flap for fingertip injuries has been referred to as the tranquilli leali or atasoy v y flap interchangeably.

Atasoy or tranquilli leali or v y flap for the fingertip reconstruction. The first reported description of a volar v y advancement flap for repair of a fingertip amputation dates back to 1935 by the italian surgeon ettore tranquilli leali. Reconstruction of the amputated finger tip with a triangular volar flap.

With this technique a tri angular flap is designed with the base at the edge of the amputa. Advancement atasoy vy flap. 4 this flap was then later popularised by erdogan atasoy in 1970.

Hand trauma easy surgery. At first glance the performance of pedicle flaps may seem daunting but a simple v y plasty pedicle flap easily can be advanced to cover the defect left by fingertip injury. Atasoy e loakimidis e kasdan ml kutz je klein ert he.

How to inject the local anesthesia feat. Click here to login. Wide awake hand surgery.

Related content autoplay on. Login to view comments. Chapter 31 v y flap table 31 1 v y flap for fingertips flap volar v y tranquilli leali atasoy.

1 the separation of epidermal and dermal connections of the flap resulting in an island of skin and 2 the preservation of a subcutaneous pedicle consisting of subcutaneous fat muscle and occasionally superficial musculoaponeurotic system which provides the flap. American association for hand surgery. This triangular volar pad flap contains distal branches of the digital vessels and nerves that preserve sensibility 2 7 so it can be used to reconstruct fingertip amputations with exposed bone as its subcutaneous tissue is carried with it.

Previously this flap was also commonly referred to as the island pedicle flap due to its two main requirements. A new swing of the atasoy volar v y flap.

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