Uy Scuti Size Compared To Vy Canis Majoris

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It s only 30 times the sun s mass but has a radius more than 1 700 greater than the sun. Thus a volume nearly 5 billion times that of.

For Those Of You Who Thought The Sun Was The Largest Known Star I Thought It Was Vy Canis Majoris Then I Thought I Space And Astronomy Astronomy Solar System

Uy scuti compared to the sun image.

Uy scuti size compared to vy canis majoris. This red hypergiant star was previously estimated to be 1 800 to 2 200 solar radii but that size put it outside the bounds of stellar. Uy scuti and vy canis majoris. Wikimedia commons faren29 cc by sa 4 0.

Below is a list of the largest stars currently known ordered by radius the unit of measurement used is the radius of the sun approximately 695 700 km. Chapter 9 lesson 6. Uy scuti bd 12 5055 is a red supergiant star in the constellation scutum it is considered one of the largest known stars by radius and is also a pulsating variable star with a maximum brightness of magnitude 8 29 and a minimum of magnitude 10 56.

Types of stars by size color and life cycle from. It has an estimated radius of 1 708 solar radii 1 188 10 9 kilometres. Uy scuti vs vy canis majoris which is the largest star in the universe.

I m just asking if vy canis majoris is only 2 100 times the size of the. June 22 2020 january 6 2019 by anthony robinson there are thought to be between 100 billion and 400 billion stars in our galaxy the milky way and waaaay more beyond that so which is the largest star in the universe according to current calculations in 2019. Size comparison between the sun and vy canis majoris.

An accurate comparison showing the red supergiants uy scuti and vy canis majoris image. Both uy scuti and vy canis majoris are red hypergiant stars in our galaxy. Great uncertainties remain with the membership and order of the list especially when deriving various parameters used in calculations such as stellar luminosity and effective temperature.

Uy scuti compared to the sun. What is the size of vy canis majoris. In terms of sheer physical size the star uy scuti is considered the biggest known.

Just for comparison the diameter of jupiter is 143 000 km. Wikimedia commons philip park cc by sa 3 0 uy scuti compared to vy canis majoris. Vy canis majoris ranging from 1 300 to 1 540 solar radii.

A zoomed in picture of the red giant star uy scuti.

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