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They spend a lot of time with their friends and family and rarely venture outside their social circle. Color symbolism is a widely known concept and yet most of us are not sure exactly what a specific color stands for.

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Personality color blue will give you more information on this.

Navy blue color meaning personality. Sometimes conceited this personality type especially men tends to be witty and sarcastic. If you are thinking of using blue in a business application read about the meaning of colors in business. Many people claim navy blue as their favorite color and as where it gets its name is often associated with the navy sailing water and sports associated with the ocean.

Therefore many working uniforms or business suits are of blue color the scientists of the university of british columbia held a study about the influence of color and found that darker shades of blue have a calming effect. Women who like blue clothing colors often wish to portray an air of mystery along with intense appeal and sense of fashion. Positive and negative traits of the color blue.

The color was also soon adopted by other navies around the globe. While you may not exhibit all the character traits of a personality color blue as listed here if this is your favorite color you will find yourself somewhere in the description. The meaning of navy blue resonates with many different cultures as well as a color or strength reliability bravery stability honour and power.

Navy blue at the time of its first use in 1748 in the british navy it was actually referred to as marina blue. You may also find you exhibit some of the negative traits particularly when you are stressed. Loyalty trust and integrity.

My favorite color was red when i was a child up until sometime around 4th or 5th grade and it s been different variations of blue for the most part since then the blue personality is almost entirely accurate but i still have some traits from red. Because of its roots the color is easily associated with the military. Passionate though mostly in just a few areas which might be part of the blue personalities interest in a narrow band of things.

The navy blue hex code is 000080. It was nearly one hundred years later in 1840 when the name navy blue was assigned to the shade. However navy blue is just as easily reminiscent of the deep blue ocean and space.

Journalist and psychologist lisa johnson mandell wrote blue is the best color to put on to an interview because it sends out confidence and reliability. There is also a brighter version of navy blue created by crayola. The blue personality type is very similar to the melancholic personality type.

Color meanings and symbolism. If blue is your favorite color it will reflect in your personality. Blue clothing colors indicate freshness peace and loyalty.

A vibrant sky blue and a somber navy blue do not symbolize the same thing while different shades of orange like amber peach and tangerine have completely different spiritual meaning. Navy blue is quite the versatile color pairing wonderfully with different shades and tints of greens oranges reds yellows and even purples. According to color psychology people with blue personality want to have peaceful and harmonious lives.

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